Building Memories

We celebrated Thanksgiving with these guys. For Demi (in the white shirt), this was his first Thanksgiving in America.  Not only did he get to experience Thanksgiving and hear the reason behind the celebration, he too got to experience putting the CHRISTmas tree up and doing some CHRISTmas decorating.  Actually, we had planned not to put up a tree this year, but before we knew it, we brought out the tree and and the young men found the lights and within 2 hours, we had gone from being the Grinch to being the Griswolds!  


So Much Going On - So Little Time To Blog ...............

Hanging out with some new converts.
She said this was the longest sales receipt that she had ever seen.  I only purchased 180 items.   Thanks for your help!
Arlene Allen at Up The Creek prior to our recent Step Into His Presence Conf


3 Weddings in 1 week .............

Gina & Dewayne 

Don't judge a book by it's cover......

Don't let the tattoos and piercings influence who you think they might be!  This couple stayed pure, no sex prior to marriage and no kissing other than a peck on the cheek throughout their 2 years of dating and engagement.  They are also responsible for bringing many other young people into the body of Christ.   Monday prior to their Thursday noon wedding, they were legally married in a neighboring state but it was important to them to be married in a church wedding and in the eyes of God before they chose to consummate the marriage.  This couple is very evangelistic in the gifting and calling and such a blessing to the body of Christ.    

Mike & Emily's Wedding

60th - Nigerian Style

Dupe looking beautiful as ever!!
The lovely lady in the center was able to pull off a weekend of celebration and thanksgiving, without her husband knowing about it!  

We were able to get a moment of the guest of honor's time and pose for a photo.
About 170 people honored him with a dinner.  What an occasion!  Friends and family flew in from the USA. Greetings came from several countries.  Brother Joesph and his family are a true delight and a blessing from the Lord.


A Few Happenings In No Particular Order.....

Two Dupe's Are Better Than One! 
58 lb plus...Tootsie Williams Watermelon, ahhhhh it was so sweet! 
Ever had that favorite piece of clothing that you enjoy wearing?  Actually, you found yourself wearing it everywhere and for most every occasion. My hubby asked me to stop wearing this blouse so often, so I thought I would put a few new accessory's with it.  Thanks to the foam packing from a box, this gave me the creativity ideal to spruce up my outfit!  (When the boss was away, I couldn't help but play) 
107 Degrees
Why would toilet tissue be a seasonal item?
Placing new flowers & flags on Dad's grave. 

Seems likes old times